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Casey Anthony and Anyone Else: Not make any profits off of her deceased daughter Caylee Anthony

Because I believe that even though 12 jurors found her not guilty doesn't mean that she's not guilty. She has lied, stolen, misled and whatever else she had to do to cover this up. How can you go for a month covering up your daughter's death if you didn't do it. She should have went to the police and/or someone that had some authority to do whatever needed to be done to put the person(s) responsible for Caylee Anthony (Casey's daughter) in jail. Not go parting, hiding out or anything else for that matter. She says that her father, Zanny the Nanny and/or anyone else but herself did this. If it was done by someone else, been a cover up or accident then she should have went to the police. I know that if someone even tried to hurt a hair on one of my children's head I would go right to the police, because that's what a mother that loved, wanted and cared about their child or children would and should do.

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