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DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY, DM,  is a disease almost identical to the human ALS disease.  This disease is extremely prominent in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed.  It claims many senior Corgis and can attack Corgis as young as 8 or 9 years of age.  Sadly, there is no prevention for human ALS.  But there is prevention for Degenerative Myelopathy.  Since 2008 a DNA test has been available for breeders to test their breeding dogs and bitches.  There are several breeders that have applied this DNA testing along with selective breeding choices to their breeding programs protocol.  However, several that still do NOT TEST FOR DM.  This is not an easy fix.  But over a period of time, these breeders have been successful at eradicating this problem out of their breeding lines.  Without losing the correct body structure, temperments,  that magical expression, proper movement and completing other health tests recommended by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Of America.  This is proof it can and has been successful.  The problem.  The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Of America will NOT ADD THIS HORRIFIC PREVENTABLE DISEASE TO THEIR OTHER RECOMMENDED LIST OF HEALTH TESTS. Their excuses are numerous.  For example:  Many breeders say the test is flawed or inconclusive.  For some reason they truly believe the number of Corgis impacted by this disease are way lower than they really are. Those figures based on the genetics research labs.  However,  in the real world outside of the research labs.  Many, many more Corgis are impacted.  So many breeders refer this disease as "Just an old dog's disease. We would rather work on other health issues that take our younger Corgis"  Why all the excuses and lack of concern from the Parent Club of this breed.  When other breeders have proved this can be eradicated.  This disease is destructive to our sweet Corgis, who were bred to be an athletic working dog.  This disease is destructive to the Corgis loved families that have to watch their beloved Corgis slowly waste away over a 2-4 year period.  Becoming completely paralyzed from hind end to front end.  Until it finally attacks the respiratory system and or swallowing functions.  Just like human ALS.  Why on earth would the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Of America refuse to include this PREVENTABLE DISEASE along with their other health test recommendations.  WE CORGI LOVERS DEMAND THAT THE PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI CLUB OF AMERICA ADD TESTING FOR DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY TO THEIR LIST OF HEALTH TEST RECOMMENDATIONS .


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