The journey to a cleaner Earth starts with you

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Along with many other students during the upcoming “finals season”, I too have drank my share of caffeinated beverages. Whether it was a coffee from Starbucks or a soda from the vending machine, most of these beverages are packaged in plastic. These plastic bottles and containers are mindlessly just thrown in the trash cans, however, when recycled these plastic products have the potential to be remade into new cups, bottles or other materials. According to USA Today, if every person in America recycled one plastic bottle then 54 million T-shirts or about 6.5 million fleece jackets could be made out of the recycled materials. At Cary Grove High school we are only provided with recycling bins for aluminum cans and paper. If we got recycling bins for plastic bottles at Cary Grove we all could help make the Earth a cleaner and better place. Please sign this petition if you want to see Cary Grove help to make a change by providing recycling bins for plastic.