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Petitioning AM Aled Roberts and 3 others

Carwyn Jones, First Minister: Stop closure of Cottage Hospitals and Health Services in our communities

Community Hospital and Community Health Services such as Minor Injury Units and Xrays provide a valuable service to residents who need treatment locally or cannot travel to hospitals further afield. They take the weight off our District General Hospitals. We are already seeing the Health Board pleading for GPs not to refer patients to A&E because they cannot cope, and queues of ambulances outside hospitals because beds are full. Proposals by the Health Board would cut 10% of hospital beds in north Wales which will further exacerbate the situation.

Letter to
AM Aled Roberts
AM Darren Millar
First Minister Carwyn Jones
and 1 other
AM Llyr Gruffydd
Stop closure of Cottage Hospitals and Health Services in our communities.
Health services in north Wales are already struggling - with the Health Board urging GPs not to send patients to A&E because hospitals were struggling to cope, and ambulances queuing up because beds are full. Public transport is being cut making it more difficult for patients and their families to travel. GPs are struggling and will not be able to cope if they have to provide more services. Local Authority budgets are being cut yet they will be expected to enhance the role of their social services.A Home Enhance Care scheme is already struggling because of a lack of personnel. We need good quality health services in our communities.