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Mayor of Caruthersville to be impeached

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The people of Caruthersville petition the Caruthersville City of Caruthersville to impeach Mayor Mike McGraw. Mayor McGraw ran his campaign on the promise of transparency, honesty and fairness, he has demonstrated none of these traits. Instead, he has worked to divide the community by opening demeaning the staff, council members, other elected officials and supervisors. He has stirred dissension by passing around payroll records with the excuse of them being "public record" yet demands nothing be said about his wrongdoings in open session. The city is now facing charges after the mayor allegedly sexually and racially harassed an employee. The mayor continues to violate laws and rules under his statement of "He is the mayor and can do what he wants". The people of Caruthersville deserve a mayor who is for all the people of the community bettering themselves and their home. Who's goal is not to divide the people but to bring them together to better the town and to bring in industry and progress. This issue has been ongoing and has reached a point where it will soon be costing the city untold amount of money should this lawsuit be awarded to the petitioner. It is an embarrassment and a roadblock for progress and it is past due for the council to put a stop to this.

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