Wise and better content of cartoons

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I am a concerned parent. All of the cartoons on cartoon network, disney kids, disney channel are loved by kids. But most of them shows , or somehow teaches our kids to be over aggressive. My 6 years old has become very aggressive and does the same action as shown in "roll no 21". Its just one example, the cartoons shown on the channel are changing their language etiquette as well. One character in Doremon "Jian" shows anger, Nobita shows a weak kid with less will power. A lot of action, anger, trash talks and heroism is shown. By heroism, kids think there can only be 1 person in a group who can resolve everything and by thinking so they discourage themselves. 

When i was a kid, i use to watch cartoons like "Franklin", "bob the builder" , "dragon tales" and such. I use to love it and still i watch those cartoons over internet.

Its a humble request to concerned organization, to kindly choose the content of cartoons more wisely, not by looking at the trend but whats right for the kids. Good content never goes out of trend. Kids are like soft clay that can be molded in any shape. So please show your concern because tv channels are molding India's kids.

Please be a part and help me in this cause.