We want more Mao Mao, Cartoon Network! (And with the ideal afternoon time for watching)

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Let's convince Cartoon Network to show the netowrk what Mao Mao fans we are!

First: Before this, let's go to CN's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc! Let's comment and put the hashtags: #MakeMaoMaoSeason2 #MakeMaoMaoProducts #MakeMoreMaoMao #MakeMaoMaoMoreSeasons #SuccessForMaoMao #MaoMaoFranchise #MaoMaosMerchandise

Second: And we want Mao Mao's merchandise, more reprises on the channel's schedule, plus the perfect afternoon time to watch easily, because we can't watch in the morning only. Merchandise like:

  • Clothes, T-Shirts, Pajamas, Cosplay, etc
  • School supplies, activity books, coloring books, stickers, etc
  • Toys, Figure Action, Pins, Posters, comics, books, etc.
  • Plush Toys of Mao Mao, Badgerclops, and Adorabat.
  • Funkos Pop of all Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart's characters
  • Games (for mobiles and consoles), etc.
  • Room decoration, Album of stickers, etc

Third: Since the show debuted, the TTG marathon has disrupted the debut and is losing a lot of audience, and we don't want another series (already recent) to be canceled with the incomplete story because of this or for a stupid reason.
In addition, we also want new seasons, adventures, secrets, fun and thrills to make the design an incredible successor to the great classics of Cartoon Network like Adventure Time and Regular Show. When I got to know the show, I just fell in love with it, and started drawing some and joining a two small groups of Mao Mao Fan Club.

The creator of the series, Parker Simmons, created this work of art and did so lovingly to captivate fans and the new generation of children and young people who watch Cartoon Network with this magnificent story. Mao Mao: Heores of Pure Heart is for sure one of the best new cartoon of the new era of Cartoon Network that we know and deserves more recognition for the WORLD ALL !!!


ps: Please, this petition must be Shared and signed by everyone and the CN and Mao Mao’s Fandom!!!