Petition update

Petition Delivery and Tomorrow's Hashtag

Amy B
Philadelphia, PA

Feb 16, 2013 — So I've been getting some questions about petition delivery. My intent has been to deliver the petition when the number of signatures levels off, which is happening about now: however, before I can do that, I want to make *absolutely* certain that the petition cannot be ignored. The email addresses of several Cartoon Network execs have been made available to me, and are listed with the names on the petition, but my concern is that this might be something they can ignore. I will be making some calls this upcoming Monday to make sure the petition goes where it needs to go; I will update you all once I have more.

On a separate note, I wanted to make sure you were all aware of the hashtag we will be using tomorrow during the episodes. Due to the way Twitter's algorithms work, we must change hashtags every week to ensure they can keep trending: tomorrow, in honor of Valentine's Day, we will be using #LoveLanternJustice, with THAT EXACT CAPITALIZATION. Please use ONLY that tag, no others.


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