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Your Job Tomorrow

Amy B
Philadelphia, PA

Feb 1, 2013 — So we finally have an official hashtag: #SaveYJandGLTAS. We're going to try to get it trending tomorrow, so please tweet repeatedly with that tag and ONLY THAT TAG during the shows tomorrow. Tags MUST be alone in a post in order to count for trending.

A livestream for those of you who cannot view it on TV can be found here- - but PLEASE BUY THE EPISODE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. If you have a Nielsen box, please also watch BOTH shows when they are on: even if you are a fan of only one or the other, it will serve our cause if you just play the TV on mute to watch it.

Most importantly, however: IF YOU ARE AT ALL CAPABLE OF BUYING THE EPISODES, BUY THE EPISODES ON ITUNES OR AMAZON ON SUNDAY. If you are outside the US, services have been set up for you here:

A daily to-do list can also be found here:


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