Same Release date worldwide for ALL new seasons of Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu

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Many years now the TV show of Ninjago has aired months apart in different parts of the world leading to spoilers to be released to people months before they can watch the show due to the show being aired at different points on a global scale. I want release dates for new episodes of the show to happen on the same day around the world since the series is a huge success and has many fans who choose to interact online who are from all over the world. Many have the show months in advance and the latest series is often the topic of discussion for quite a while which is a pain to those unable to have access to the show for quite some time. This petition is to stop all the arguing of those fans to allow people to speak openly about the show to one another instead of having to keep quiet for months to please all of those people who enjoy the viewing experience.

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