No to Thudercats Roar

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I born in the 80s and as a lot of kids in my generation, we saw and loved the Thundercats show on TV.

There are many elements that make this TV show great, like the background history about how the last survivors of an entire civilization were forced to escape his home planet and were in search of some kind of promised land, very similar (if not) to our earth. And even the villain culture resembles to our own Egyptian culture (still, if not the same, it is very alike).

The characters were original. The tools, weapons, skills, all those make the show a delight to the eye of the spectator. 

The transition of the main character, who was forced to move on from his taken childhood to be the leader of his kind, and the recurrent vision of his mentor who supplied him with advises. The sword that has a mind on his own and was also a moral compass  (the sword can't do evil).

Mutants using technology, an ancient immortal sorcerer, amazons, cub-like robots, and many other creatures, artifacts and places...literally a world to see, explore and wonder.


The animation, was also very good. And the main reason I want you to stop "Thundercats Roar", or change the animation.

The animation, the art, the characters design and of course the moral teachings I believe is what we thought when we heard "Thundercats", and now we see a trailer about the new animation and we think (at least I believe) that you are going to ruin a dear show from our childhood. The new animation depict the show like nothing as we remember and respect. In fact, I could not stand to watch it for more than a few seconds and it hurts me that the new generations are going to know Thundercats this way, instead deliver something that truly stands for what the show was as a whole in the 80s.

Nowadays, you have the resources and the ways to give us something better that what we saw 30 years ago, and you are wasting it by ruining it. 

I encourage you, to either change the animation, or use it for another purpose better than call it Thundercats and use the characters. If you are willing to use that kind of animation, create something original and not related to the iconic figures we know.