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Make Infinity Train a Full Show


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"Infinity Train" is a proposed show created by Owen Dennis, a writer and storyboarder for the show "Regular Show". The pilot focuses on a girl named Tulip and a robot called One-One. The pilot is currently uploaded to Cartoon Network's YouTube channel.

The show has quickly grown a fanbase, and many say the show has a lot of potential. People like the mystery of the universe the show is set in, and are asking Cartoon Network to make it into a full series.


People often criticize Cartoon Network for airing dumbed-down shows such as “Teen Titans Go!”, a spinoff of the show “Teen Titans”, and often feel that shows that are more plot diverse, or mature, such as Steven Universe and Adventure Time, are a better fit for the general culture of cartoons, and feel that “Infinity Train” could become a very popular cartoon.
If Infinity Train became a series, many say it would have the potential to be one of the best cartoons ever aired on Cartoon Network, and I personally could not agree more.

Many hope this cartoon will change how people see cartoons, and not think of them as shows "for kids".

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