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Make Coffin Dodgers a show on Adult Swim

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Coffin Dodgers was pitched as a pilot to Adult Swim by the Dave Jeser & Matt Silverstein, The Creators of the Comedy Central show Drawn Together. The pilot didn't get greenlit for any seasons and as of today its completely forgotten as an adult swim exclusive and it was once view able on Youtube until it was unlisted.

Watch the Pilot here!

The pilots humour was alot like Drawn Together which Drawn Together fans would love such as myself. It would be nice to see Coffin Dodgers get picked up as a series on Adult Swim for a few seasons or more since it does have potential to become a series but it faded into obscurity after it was unlisted. 

If shows like Regular Show, King Star King,The Loud House and Rick And Morty can get their shows either 1/2/5/8 years after their pilots then so could Coffin Dodgers.

Adult Swim, please make Coffin Dodgers into a series on your network up there with shows like Mr Pickles and Rick and Morty. Make it happen :)

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