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cancel teen titans go, & bring back the original.

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Teen Titans was a master piece, the purest piece of gold, and included in so many childhoods. However Teen Titans GO is a disgrace, an insult, a stab to the gut to fans of the original, and even to people who never seen the show before because of how down right insulting it is to their viewers. The original teen Titans was wonderful, with fast action and gave each and every character 3 dimensions truly making you care about what happens to the heroes, and even the nastiest of villains. However TTG fight sequences are slow, and even never introduced slade to the series, when they teased it the creators spit on us and told us it's time to grow up in the episode, not to mention all the personality of the characters have been stripped away, and reduce to nothing, now beast boy is an immature dunce, raven is a stereotypical goth who became a brony, cyborg became a loud mouth idiot, star fire became the stupid know nothing ditsy, clumsy girl, and robin was reduced to a shallow stick in the mud, jackass who can't handle a loss. I think everybody will agree with me when I say all the original Teen Titans needed was a 6th season to end it all even if it had half, or even under half the episodes of an average original Teen Titans season. I just think Titans deserves that one last season, and then the fans will be happy.

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