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Cancel and remove TTG from the history of existence before it's too late.

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I know is a terribly shit place to even remotely try to reach anyone in CN (Cartoon Network) but I want this to be a one on one letter to you guys.

I used to love watching CN as a kid, and even my parents loved it. Now, all your shows unironically suck, and the only thing you air is TTG (Teen Titans Go). I myself hate the show but I am actually saddened that my nephew actually likes the show. Now I see why he does, but can we just take a minute to actually think about this: How come you're tailoring to 5-year-olds when you used to tailor to multiple different audience groups? I used to see you guys putting on a variety of different shows that all had extremely great things to say story wise. I had stopped watching CN for about 3-4 months and came back recently, I don't see Regular Show (apparently that ended, nice promotional btw too bad I didn't see it), I don't see Adventure Time, I don't even see Gumball, I didn't even see your terrible Powerpuff Girls reboot (thank fuck). All I saw was 3 episodes of Teen Titans Go, an hour later I see Ben 10, I actually got excited for a minute until I actually got to finish watching the episode.

It was terrible.

It felt like I was watching a TTG reskin.

I turned off the TV and literally just rethought life. I hoped that maybe I could come back one day to watch CN with decent shows. Until I lost hope, reason why I lost hope? I saw that CN was literally about to air a fucKING MARATHON OF TTG -- It lasts from the 25th to the 31st.

And in the middle of that, there are only like 2 episodes of Steven Universe. Why? That makes zero sense guys. This is stupid. Please actually cancel TTG.

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