Bring back old Boomerang!

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Over the years Cartoon Network has become less of a channel for nostalgic cartoons and more of a platform for new cartoon programs, i understand the need to appeal to children but why do the same to the Boomerang channel, the whole purpose for Boomerang was to appeal to fans of nostalgic classics such as (Cow And Chicken,Johnny Bravo,Courage The Cowardly Dog,Dexter's Laboratory,Ed,Edd N Eddy,Johnny Quest,The Jetsons,Wacky Races,Magilla Gorilla,Jabber Jaws,Hong Kong Phooey,Huckleberry Hound Show,The Yogi Bear Show,Josie And The Pussycats,Tex Avery Show,Toon Heads,2 Stupid Dogs,Top Cat,Pink Panther,Captain Planet,Thundarr The Barbarian,ect.) these are just some of the shows that have since been removed from the new version of Boomerang,I am appalled,angry and disappointed in what Cartoon Network has done to the Boomerang channel over the past years, In a world now that is in love with anything nostalgic one would think Cartoon Network would have kept the same format in place for Boomerang, Help us bring this to the attention of Cartoon Network, Please sign our petition and Let's save our childhoods from extinction.

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UPDATE: (3/24/16) No more small peanuts...ladies and gentlemen,we are no longer just trying to merely get Cartoon Network and The Turner Broadcasting System to take notice to our petition to reinstate the old Boomerang channel, We are now dedicated to really pushing to have our channel back in it's original form, we now realize that 1,000 signatures is only a good way to get noticed, now i understand that we haven't even reached nowhere near the original goal of 1,000 signatures so how in the world are we ever going to get to 500,000 signatures but it's the only way to really push for this thing to actually happen if we are going to do that and succeed, we are going to need all the ammo we can get, our signature goal has now been highly elevated to 500,000. I BELIEVE WE CAN DO THIS!!! TELL YOUR FRIENDS,TELL FAMILY,TELL PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! (FACEBOOK,TWITTER,ECT.) KEEP SPREADING THE WORD GUYS!!! AND LET'S GO GET OUR OLD BOOMERANG BACK!!!