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Make Lars and Sadie Reunite

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After watching Stevenbomb 6, I had many emotions, especially after I watched "The Good Lars". As you may know, it has been made pretty clear that Lars does indeed have a crush on his best friend and co-worker, Sadie Miller. Since Lars died and is now immortal and stuck in space for the time being, Sadie will probably be worried sick, right? I mean the last time they saw each other on the ship, I for one felt really bad for both Sadie and for Lars. Lars couldn't bring himself to save the person who he possibly cared about most, and Sadie, who really needed him to help her at that point. Also, if you think about it, the longer Lars and Sadie are apart, the more that they'll end up missing each other. Anyways, in my opinion, if Lars and Sadie had a heartfelt reunion, I would throw a chair and run around my neighbourhood screaming. If a episode about Lars and Sadie having a reunion, with deep conversations, discussion about Lars being immortal, and possibly a duet between them was made, it would literally bring tears to my eyes and a smile on my face. These two lovelies have to see that the other loves them back too, and I think an episode like this will do the trick.  

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