Carter’s OshKosh B’gosh - Stop destroying unsold merchandise !

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I recently became aware of your practice of destroying merchandise that is not sold. I am absolutely appalled. You are not paying the true cost of this practice but are instead passing it down to future generations. 

I realize that you’re not the only company that’s doing this, and the purpose of this practice is for the brand to maintain value, which you feel wouldn’t be possible if everyone were wearing your clothing. 

I would much rather support a company that donated its unsold merchandise to a women’s shelter, or a hospital, or other charity whose pediatric members could benefit from your unsold clothing. It would not bother me one bit if a child from a low income family were wearing the same clothing as my child; it would make me feel better about my purchase knowing another child benefited and that the environmental costs of wasteful practices are not being downloaded to my children. 

Please stop this practice and rebrand yourself as a company that cares about the future of the children it’s aiming to clothe.