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The Reformed Toro Time Plan

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The Reformed Toro Time Plan

The idea of Toro Time is a strong and useful plan that every Spanish Fort student can benefit from, but it’s not exactly executed properly. Students who are in sports or clubs and also attend to extremely challenging courses, don’t always have enough time to keep things in order. If a student plays varsity football and is chasing their CP with Distinction Diploma, their situation is very tough. The plan I am proposing offers a new way of going about Toro Time that sees that students are able to maintain decent grades in their core classes.  By enforcing the set rules correctly, we can make Toro Time beneficial to everyone’s academics, while also keeping it enjoyable and simple at the same time.

The Reformed Toro Time Plan reduces it to merely just a study hall for the students. By removing the planned activities given by the teachers, enforcing obvious rules, and allocating the correct amount of time for students to study and do homework appropriately. Students and Teachers both must cooperate completely for this reformation to work. Students, must work their hardest and never take advantage. Teachers must always enforce these rules and never be afraid to tell a student otherwise. The changes made to Toro Time would include the following:

-No more planned assignments, unless students can’t cooperate correctly.
-Clubs are free to meet anywhere as long as club sponsor approves and it doesn’t interfere with other classes or clubs
-Students are free to study, read, do homework, or talk amongst each other quietly as long as it doesn’t bother others trying to study.
-No phones

Quotes from other students answering my question: “Why doesn’t Toro Time benefit you?”


“Once was able to go see the counselor during Toro Time, now we can’t! Not only that, it doesn’t benefit kids who can’t drive for clubs, when their parents can’t drive them!”

-Sophia Freslone 10th grade


“It’s less time to do homework or study.”

-Trevor Faucher 9th grade

“I am required to sit on a hardwood floor during P.E to do Toro Time assignments when I could be studying. I haven’t learned anything.”

-Lukas Hinman 9th grade

“I was apart of Robotics last year, but now I can’t because I work, I’m in band, and Toro Time was my only time for robotics.”

-Anonymous Junior

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