Carroll ISD Call to Action & Communication

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Dear Dr. Faltys and Carroll ISD School Board,

We the undersigned, as parents of students in Carroll ISD schools, urge you to……act to protect our children from those who would do them physical, mental, social, or emotional harm.  We encourage you to strengthen the student code of conduct to reflect the changing times and situations that our children face and to apply it equally to all enrolled in our schools.  We would like to see proactive use of school resources (i.e. guidance counselors, psychologists, and therapists) to educate all students to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.  We ask for timely, specific, truthful, and honest communication with both students and parents when problems arise in school to foster transparency and trust.  Please do not hide behind lies of omission, vague generalities, or educational jargon.  People move to Carroll ISD for the schools.  As Southlake residents, we pay very high property taxes and desire and deserve a safe, effective, and responsive school system.  Do the right thing, and act in the interests of students who come to school each day to work hard, learn, grow, and achieve.