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Keep Mt. Pleasant Green. Stop the lighting of Mt. Pleasant.

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A small group of Lancaster, Ohio citizens are proposing to light up Mt. Pleasant, essentially turning it into a billboard for development and commercial purposes.

There are several good reasons why the citizens of Lancaster, Ohio should voice their opposition to this project.

  1. Rising Park and Mt. Pleasant were originally deeded to the city of Lancaster with the agreement that it would not be used for commercial purposes. Lighting Mt. Pleasant violates the spirit of this agreement.
  2. Mt. Pleasant is a natural, unique, and beautiful rock structure that does not need technological enhancement. Together with Rising Park it represents a green space that should be improved and preserved in ways that honor its natural beauty. 
  3. The proposed lighting would add to the light pollution of the City of Lancaster.
  4. The proposed lighting would create further stress on human, wildlife and insect populations.
  5. Lighting Mt. Pleasant will not help reduce crime, litter, and graffiti  but may exacerbate these problems.
  6. The lights would be mounted on 60 foot high poles north of Fair Avenue and East of High St. degrading the natural beauty of the field at the base of Mt. Pleasant.
  7. The decision to proceed with this project rests in the hands of 5 member board of directors of Lancaster Recreation and Parks, who have possibly been influenced to support this project. By signing this petition you also indicate your disapproval that a project like this, that affects all the residents of Lancaster, should be made by a small committee.

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