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Sending lanterns into the environment is very destructive to our wildlife,  stormwater systems, lakes, ponds, oceans and generally is a waste of material and a huge pollution problem.  It doesn't make sense to celebrate or honor anyone in this manner when you will take someone's else's life like the wildlife that inhabit the wonderful State of Florida.  This is stated on the companies website and here are several reasons it doesn't make sense.  A)  There is no way the organization will be able to capture all the waste that comes back into the environment.  B) Most wildlife, as a matter of fact, no wildlife in Florida has bamboo or rice as a main staple of their diet. C) The lanterns left behind will get entangled in trees, nests, around animals bodies, etc. this is not sustainable.  D) String can't biodegrade in an animals stomach. E) We are utilizing our tax payer dollars (i.e. receiving assistance from the fire marshall, fire departments and other local authorities) to pollute the earth, how does this make sense?   THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE.  PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING THIS PETITION!  I DON'T KNOW HOW MANY SIGNATURES ARE NEEDED TO STOP THIS HORRIFIC EVENT, BUT LET'S GIVE IT A TRY.  THANK YOU!

From website:"At One World Lantern Festival, we are dedicated to leaving each community cleaner than when we arrived. We go to great lengths to ensure guest safety, and a cleaner, more beautiful environment. We utilize custom lanterns designed for low level flight to ensure easier clean-up after the event. Our lanterns are made from rice paper and bamboo string making them 100% biodegradable."



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