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Get Judge Lawrence Mirman to reduce harsh 25 year sentence of a first time youth offender.

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On September 29th, 2016, Marcus Strong was sentenced to 25 years in prison by Judge Lawrence Mirman of Martin County Clerk of Courts, for burglary of a dwelling while the residents were away. During the commission of his crime, there were no weapons, no confrontations and no violence.  

Marcus was 19 years of age at that the time of his arrest, meeting the criteria to be charged as a Youth Offender, however due to the negligence of the court appointed attorney, he was not granted nor considered the opportunity to have his day in court as a youth offender, which could have resulted in a more appropriate sentence given his age and the fact that this was a nonviolent crime.  

Even while missing the chance to be charged as a youth offender, the points Marcus accumulated based on the criminal punishment code sheet, he scored out to a maximum sentence of 48 months. Marcus committed this crime as a young immature male and should at least be given a chance at rehabilitation versus having 25 years of his life taken for a non-violent first offense.  

Murders, rapist and drug dealers get less harsher sentences. Marcus threw himself at the mercy of the court and the judge showed no mercy.  His life does matter.  A foolish mistake at 19 years of age, that did not take a life or threaten anybody's life should not equal 25 years of his life.  The time does not fit the crime.  We should not sit idly by while the life of another black youth is just carelessly thrown away.

Please sign this petition, if you fully understand why it is important to stand up against overly harsh sentencing in our court system. Today it is our family member, tomorrow it could be one of yours.

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