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Increase Bicyclist Safety With New Bike Lanes on Vegas Streets

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It is hard to maintain the safety of bicyclists around Las Vegas when few streets actually have decent bike lanes.  For those that choose the mode of transportation of riding a bike whether for leisure or for a purpose such as getting to work/school face many problems.  Depending on the street, you cannot properly ride on the street without being put in the gutter and the sidewalk is already crowded with people walking at their pace or maybe even waiting for the bus.  Take a second to think about anyone, friends or family, you know that ride a bike and try to imagine the challenges they face.

There are many statistics published on the internet that state the harsh realities of bicycle riders.  To be clear this is not a petition to stop riding bikes for your own is a petition asking the City of Las Vegas, specifically Carolyn Goodman, to have construction workers paint new bike lanes on heavily populated streets.  Currently, more than 2 people riding bicycles are killed every day due to accidents with drivers.  If new bike lanes are made, a clear indication separating bicyclist from driver, deaths should hopefully diminish and the overall safety of the public is increased.  Anything is possible meaning there could even be a chance that a driver of a car has to swerve to avoid a bicyclist they didn't see and possibly crash into other cars or onto a sidewalk with people.  You can never truly know when you will lose someone but fixing issues like this can ensure better safety.

The reason I care dearly about this topic is because I ride my bike to school and back home almost every day.  From personal experience I can say that many drivers do not follow the rules of the road. In the Nevada Drivers Handbook it is stated that drivers are to change lanes if they see a bike rider or to at least keep 3 ft from the bicyclist.  When I rode my bike one day, a driver got extremely close to me where if I moved my head to the left I am sure i would have hit their side mirror.  It is not a joke that many drivers literally do not care to change lanes.

Having bike lanes will create a safe boundary between the drivers and cyclists.

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