Allow parents to make the best decisions for their children.

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Parents make decisions every day that are in the best interest of their children.  When it comes to recreation and youth athletics, the County has just taken away that right.  The new changes to the co-sponsorship agreement between the Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Department and all areas that offer youth athletics is absolutely absurd.  The following changes directly impact every parent and every child participating in youth athletics in Cabarrus County.

  • Every age group 9-10 and older will play county wide no matter what – So a nine year old could possibly play a 7:30pm game, across the county on a school night?  That means the game starting at 7:30, if it’s even on time; ending at 9:00, if it’s even on time, then a 30-45 minute drive home, shower and homework, now my nine year old is getting in bed at 11:00pm on a school night.  Please tell me how this makes sense when my child could play in Harrisburg and Harrisburg only, because they traditionally have 10-15 teams in these age groups.  Only areas that do not have enough to play in house should be made to travel.  We sign our kids up in Harrisburg because we know they will have enough teams to only have to play in Harrisburg.  THIS SAME THING COULD APPLY TO 7-8 YEAR OLD IF NEEDED according to the new agreement… Now our seven year old are in this same situation?


  • All soccer in coed – You mean to tell me that our 8 year old girls now have to play with 8 year old boys?  Our 13 year old girls, now have to play with 13 year old boys?  This is absolutely ridiculous.  Harrisburg Parks and Recreation has always gender divided certain soccer age groups and people sign up there because of this.  They have the most successful soccer program in the county and now YOU are forcing them to change it so they have to follow the same rules that the unsuccessful programs are following.  Does that really make sense to you?


  • All sports will be divided in to two year age groups, across the board – Five kids for a basketball team, 10 kids for a baseball team, 15-20 kids for a soccer team…Does it really make sense to have the same age breakdowns for all sports when you could have three or four basketball teams with the same number of kids it takes to make one soccer team.  Each sport is different and should be treated that way.

These are just the three main points, amongst many in the new agreement that are absolutely ludicrous.  Harrisburg is a municipally ran Parks and Recreation Department that is held to different standards than private youth associations that we are now being forced to play with.  We play in Harrisburg because we know they have a full time staff dedicated to administration, communication, field maintenance, equipment, etc…  We know the quality of product we are getting in Harrisburg.  However, now we have no clue; we will have to play in areas that may have unsafe conditions, may be following different rules and may not be held to the same standard that is in Harrisburg.  Never have we seen a Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Department employee out during games and practices to make sure everything is running the way it should but we see this from staff every day in Harrisburg and it is just one of the many reason we want our kids to be able to play in Harrisburg and Harrisburg only.  Being a government entity, Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Department deserves their own agreement with the Cabarrus County School system.  The Cabarrus County Active Living and Parks Department should only be able to govern private youth associations and not municipalities.  We as voters demand you allow us to make what we feel is the best decision for our children!



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