Stop the discrimination under Bill C-31, section 6(2) under the Indian Act.

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I am a registered Indigenous father under the Indian Act of a child who is not registered because of the decision that was made under the Indian Act on April 17, 1985. Had I been born before this date my oldest son would have been entitled to registration. It is disheartening to see my sister who has the same mother and father as I, be able to pass down Indigenous bloodline to her children while I cannot, due to the simple fact I was born after April 17, 1985. 

It has come with a great understanding that Bill C-31, section 6(2) of the Indian Act is discriminating and it speaks of inequality amongst First Nation citizens and families when it came into effect on April 17, 1985.

The Indian Act itself is in fact used as an assimilative tool, a mechanism for the Canadian government to eventually “legislate out” Indian identity. And that it is also in the government’s interest to reduce the numbers of eligible Indians and therefore ease the associated governmental responsibilities and expenditures.

I know of many Indigenous people who are affected by this decision as it will affect many generations to come as the number of the registered Indigenous population begins to decline due to the fact of the decision under the Indian Act that took place on April 17, 1985. 

It is in the greatest interest of many Indigenous people who are affected to find equality within the Indian Act under Bill C-31, section 6(2) without discrimination amongst siblings, cousins, family, and indigenous communities across Canada. 

Thank You,  

Kevin Bernard McCue