Petition For Clean and Affordable Drinking Water for Indigenous Communities in Canada

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Many Indigenous communities in Canada do not have access to affordable and clean tap water because of the intentional underfunding of reserves by the Canadian government. As a result, many people and are forced to buy bottled water. Why is this happening in Canada, a supposed first world country? According to Global news, "at any given time, some 100 First Nations are under water advisories." During the 2015 election campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau promised to eliminate all long-term water advisories on First Nations by March 2021. Yet in 2020, this problem persists. Sign this petition to put pressure on Justin Trudeau and Carolyn Bennett to give Indigenous peoples in Canada their basic human rights!

Link to Global News Article:

Contact information for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada:

Phone (toll-free): 1-855-504-6760

Contact information for Carolyn Bennett:

Phone: 1 613 995-9666


Link to a page that allows you to directly email Justin Trudeau: 

Thank you everyone for your support! I would like to clarify I am myself a settler (non-Indigenous), but have seen what an issue this problem is for many Indigenous people I know personally.