Petition To Make A Solution To Homelessness! # Shame on you Government. No more excuses.

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Homelessness is a issue that needs a solution. Its the 21st century and its time as a County that we lead the Country by finding a permanent solution to this problem,and lets face it, it will be good for anyones health to not sleep on the Street. Its lovely we live in a community that donates to homeless folk , but it doesnt solve the problem. Iv done some work in Brighton by providing food and clothing , and by sometimes being the only petson that day that took the time to talk and care about the homeless person in front of me. Ive heard many reasons as to why people are left on the streets, but really its excuses. .. such as: Immigrants arrive in this country and some do not have documentation, yet they are given help. Yet  if a homeless person cant provide documents they are refused emergency help. Ludicrous! Theres no balance, or equality for a vulnerable section of our community. Its shocking that over the past year there have been 18 deaths, something has to be done. I would like for the council to work and meet with all charities who work with homeless folk each week, to finally find and fund a way forward to this problem. Such as those who register with council, are on minimum wage to do work in our community, and would be given basic shelter of a room in shared housing , supervised by a independant person. This way the homeless and community would benefit. So many people locally need odd jobs persons , for decorating and gardening cleaning ect. The scheme would need investment, and of course some people would need help with mental/ physical issues. But surely no problem is to big! Shouldnt we create a way to fund this project and make Brighton Homeless hopeful, Council properties are for low income families, the jobs that people need done are sometimes out of reach , yet if the council funded a building, a supervisor and rooms for homeless, the odd job scheme would ensure they gain experience for regular work . Each person would have to work to qualify for the scheme, and Brighton Council would benefit themselves and their tenants .And our homeless would have something to aim for, a roof over their head, and their own money in their pockets. Strict rules, and consquences in the scheme rules . We need to get the sick homeless into rehabilation centres. .. there isnt a reason why a homeless person be left out of services we are all entitled to . Again equality and aiming for the best for each homeless person. The way it stands at this moment is a negative spiral. I believe with the right input from people who know folk who could fund a project like this , we could promote a positive change for homeless who want to move on and enjoy life the same as you and I. This is just my ideas , imagine what others could come up with if a meeting is held ? please consider this. Discuss how homeless funding could be used, rather than same old , same old.