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Stop Using Live Reindeer at Scotsdales Garden Centre

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Reindeer naturally roam for miles in the polar region in a herd with an important social structure. Yet Scotsdales Garden Centre are planning on using them as Christmas Props, by confining them to tiny pens surrounded by loud noise, a far cry from their natural habitat and completely inadequate for their welfare.

Many Reindeer in these displays are imported from Scandinavia, over 1000 have arrived in the UK since 2000 to live in conditions vastly differents found to cause poor health by scientific studies.

Reindeer can feel pain, love, joy and fear just like you, and animals are not ours to exploit for entertainment and this display sends a dangerous message to young children that animals exists merely for our 'pleasure'.

Please call on Scotsdales Garden Centre to remove the reindeer from their Christmas festivities and send a strong message of compassion. 

Thank you

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