Grant UK Citizenship to Those Who Came From the West Indies as Children Over 40 Years Ago

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Many people who came to the UK from the Caribbean as children, over forty years ago, came here to join their parents, most of whom had been recruited by Britain to help rebuild the country in the 1950s & 60s & later. These children had remained in the West Indies with relatives, often grandparents, until their parents were in a position to afford to bring them here to join  them. They grew up here, were schooled here, worked here, married here, had children here and became British - but only in name. Now we learn of threats of deportation to people who have no relatives left in the West Indies, whose whole life is here but who have never had British passports. We learn of people asked to pay for medical treatment because they don't have British passports.

If they've never applied for passports or holidayed abroad, how are they supposed to know they were immigrants? These are people who have worked here since leaving school, contributing to the national economy and paying their taxes.

This is totally unfair. It smacks of one rule for one group of people & another for this group from the Caribbean. If they have lived and worked here for so many years, they should be entitled to remain and to be allowed to receive British nationality as if they had applied when they became adults.

Please reconsider the treatment of these people and allow them to remain as full citizens of the UK.