Stop the felling of healthy trees in Salisbury UK!

Stop the felling of healthy trees in Salisbury UK!

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Started by Anna Milne

The impact will be upsetting and needless, and spoil the already array of beautiful mature trees & hedgerows where The Salisbury River Park Project is going to be. I have had confirmation from the Environment Agency Lead that in his words 'Just under 100' trees are to be felled to make way for this Project. He has said that some hedgerows will have to go as well! 

It has been said that new saplings will be planted in their place, but we need mature trees which absorb more carbon dioxide. These saplings will take over 100 years to mature, so I won't see these trees mature! Also, to note not all saplings survive and are these saplings going to be native fruit & nut bearing for wildlife?

We NEED to protect the mature trees we have and seems to be the 'Big' projects now are 'Planting trees' and to forget about the ones we have already. They have failed to say whether any of these trees have Tree Protection Orders on them, and am desperately trying to find out!

Please support this Petition if you care about the environment & wildlife.

What about all the noise from the machinery which will disrupt birds, fish, otters & other mammals!

They are saying that they have to start soon, so as not to disturb nesting birds, which somehow makes them sound humane or not!!

50 have signed. Let’s get to 100!