Men need sanitary bins as well !! The law only caters for women !

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With  the upsurge in Prostate Cancer and other urology conditions. awareness of the disease is to be applauded.  Sadly some of the side effects are slow in being addressed One of the main ones is incontinence problems, which gentlemen,  having already been confronted with the disease are then knocked sideways by the  fact that they have little or no control over their most basic need. Some of the solutions provided are incontinence pads etc;   there are bins available for the home, But, sadly almost unheard of in public places !  My husband has discovered this in  his personal experience and found it unbelievable, embarrassing, sad and demeaning.

As women we take these matters for granted and  know that our needs are catered for, why should  men be any different  ?

The law as it stands states that all ladies toilets  must have sanitary disposal bins, but men are not mentioned once ! 

Why should they have to be subjected to either searching for disabled toilets, when they're not disabled, thereby using up a resource from others. Or carrying a card which states... I have cancer, please may I use your toilet....... Again possibly adding to their embarrassment. In this day and age,this shouldn't be happening, it's so easily avoidable, as the equipment already exists.  It just needs a modification of inclusion in the law, and will benefit all men , whether in the workplace, public or leisure areas. Please sign and lobby your council and MP . Our men really don't deserve to suffer further after facing this dreadful disease.