Make residential roads for residents only.

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In recent years, once quiet roads, have become thoroughfares because sat navs are guiding people off main roads onto unclassified roads.

The driver may reach their destination seconds earlier, but we have lost a way of life and in some cases people, children and animals are killed or maimed, due to unclassified roads being used, but not for their original purpose or design.

There are enough M, A and B roads, designed for purpose, so why use Unclassified roads? The greater damage far outweighs the good.

Both my kittens were killed by cars, on a quiet unclassified road by people who had no reason to be driving there. The drivers didn't stop, probably didn't even know. This was devistating for my children and I thought, how would I cope if it was a child? That's when I decided enough was enough.

Children do not play or walk along quiet roads or ride bikes with their friends. We have quietly slipped into a nation of lethargy.

I want people to have a childhood of freedom and safety. Neighbours to relax and have time for each other. Children to walk to school. Being outside to be a well rounded part of life. 

This is something that needs to be tackled at a country level before we have self driving cars. Our heath and well being has been eroded and we are all doing it to ourselves.