Cheaper holidays for families in school holidays. Limit how much holiday companies charge

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Holiday companies increase the prices of family holidays by double sometimes treble the cost in school holidays. This makes it impossible for some families to take their children away during school holidays resulting in the children being pulled out during term time. It is now against the law to have more than 5 days away from school or you are fined. Since this law has come into effect. I feel it is only fair that companies should have a cap on how much extra they can charge in school holidays to help families go on holiday at a rate they can afford. I feel holidays are good for families as a way of bonding, learning new facts about around the country/ world and boosts happy endorphins. Also this applies to people in the childcare industry like teachers and childminders. They are unable to take holidays in term time and therefore also compelled to pay the higher prices. Please help stop holiday companies exploiting children and those involved in their care!