End animal cruelty

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Animal testing and cruelty should be banned all over the world. This is a nationwide issue that is effecting countless of innocent animals. Third world countries are abusing and killing animals for pleasure. Animals are also being used as experiments in labs. There are many cosmetic companies that are using rabbits and rats for experiments to test chemicals on. These animals are unaware of the toxic chemicals that are going to be placed on their skin and/or in their eyes. Researchers justify this inexcusable treatment stating that it is necessary for "science". There are alternative methods to animal testing, such as: in vitro (test tube) test methods and models based on human cell and tissue cultures. Another alternative method is computerized patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials. It is cruel to keep animals in cages and tied up and restrained without any knowledge of what is going on. The animals who are not being used as experiments, are being killed overseas in countries such as China, Korea and Japan. Animals are cruelly being tortured and killed for pleasure. Animals have no cry or voice for help. And even if they do, there is nothing that can be done due to the cruelty that is occurring. These animals have lives, feelings and families too. Please help me reach my voice out to end animal cruelty for our country and around the world. My goal is to end animal cruelty in third world countries and to end animal testing wherever it is taking place. I want there to be a ban on animal testing in all countries around the world. With all your support, I am sure we can make a difference and end this cruelty. Thank you!