Fix Ehringhaus Laundry

Fix Ehringhaus Laundry

February 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by EHaus CoGo

Since move-in day, Ehringhaus laundry has been nothing short of troublesome. Residents have had to deal with all kinds of mishaps and issues that get in the way of their already busy schedules. Machines are consistently broken and repairs are infrequent. At the moment, the building is down to three washing machines for 600+ residents which is simply an untenable situation. Laundry is not a smooth process as machine availability, machine malfunction (overflow and soaking of clothes/dryers not working), and inconsistent behavior are all problems. 

Laundry has been made free but this does not solve the problem. Simply put, laundry has become a chore that takes an entire day because machines are unavailable and not working properly which is unlivable. 

Our Demands Include:

- Fixing all seven washers 

- Fixing all twelve dryers

- Providing more transparency on the status of repairs 

- Making it easier to remind people that their laundry is done 

With these changes, laundry will no longer be the hassle that Ehringhaus residents dread. Our lives are busy, stressful, and troublesome. We don’t need our laundry to be contributing to that. 

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Signatures: 26Next Goal: 50
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