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Proposed Housing Measures to the Provincial Government of B.C.

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I am writing this petition for the upcoming provincial budget on February 20th, 2018 where the government will include a list of housing measures. 

The impact of high housing prices has hurt local taxpayers in Metro Vancouver who earn an average household income of approximately $74k per year; majority cannot compete w/ foreign capital and speculators. Some of these impacts include:

  1. High cost of rental housing;
  2. Families forced to take a second job to make ends meet;
  3. School and business closures;
  4. Young professionals seeking opportunities elsewhere
  5. City is turning into a resort town; ghost city in the most desirable locations (West Side, Vancouver West, etc)

We demand that the Finance Minister and the BCNDP government to include these housing measures:

  • 2% Speculation Tax (BCHAF - BC Housing Affordability Fund);
  • Set up a Special Task force in Real Estate for 1) Money Laundering, 2) Speculation, 3) Tax Evasion/Avoidance, 4) Fraud and 5) Unethical practices by realtors; 
  • Work with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to tackle tax evasion/money laundering and ensure individuals declare their worldwide income;
  • Cancel BC Home Owner Mortgage and Equity Partnership;
  • Ban Developers and Realtors from marketing homes overseas;
  • Close Bare Trust Loophole;
  • Impose Foreign Buyer's Tax on all pre-sales;
  • Restriction on Airbnb and expand empty homes tax throughout Metro Vancouver;
  • Require potential buyers to register with the government and declare all sources of income;
  • End ALR farmland speculation and eliminate mega mansions;
  • Transparency of all sales of homes;
  • ENFORCEMENT (fines, suspensions, criminal charges, etc)

Please sign and share this petition so we could get the attention of the Provincial Government and make homes more affordable to all local taxpayers!

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