Stop Labor's Assault On Hard Working Australians

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The Federal Labor Opposition needs to go back to their roots and create policies which support hard working Australians, instead of punishing those who are self sufficient by creating policies which have the potential to put hundreds of thousands of people onto the welfare line.

Federal Labor needs to stop its planned assault on retirees and low-income earners and instead back hard-working Australians. Under Labor’s current plan, low income earners who make just $25,000 a year in taxable income will miss out on their tax refund.

Bill Shorten wants to rob self-funded retirees who have worked hard and paid taxes all of their life, stealing their tax refunds at the first opportunity if he wins power at the next Federal Election. It will see thousands of people who have been self-reliant and paid their own way forced onto the welfare system. Labor should not put its Union mates in the industry funds ahead of the people of Australia.

The Federal Labor Opposition also needs to scrap its attack on negative gearing which will hit more than 1.3 million Australians and punish every single Australian who has any equity in their home.

These are lose-lose policies which will see rents skyrocket and the value of homes drop significantly.

Australians are all about a fair go. These policies are a kick in the guts to the Australian way of life.

Please help me to stop Labor taking money out of the pockets of low and middle-income earners and send a message that it’s NOT OK, by signing this petition.