Remove Fluoride from Terrace city water

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Terrace is one of the only 3 city left in British Columbia to add fluoride to its city's tap water. Besides all the "conspiracy theories" the main reason to ask the city council to remove fluoride is that it is an additive and it is put in to the water without informed consent.  

95% of the world has rejected the practice where the public asked their municipalities to remove fluoride from their tap water. Many dentists have recognized that ingesting fluoride has no benefits to dental health and using a topical fluoride treatment is a more effective treatment for dental decay. 

Previously, the city of Terrace has declined removing fluoride based on a research that is now proven to be flawed.

Recent research published by the Harvard School of Public Health (Anna L. Choi, Guifan Sun, Ying Zhang & Philippe Grandjean, 2012) found that consumption of fluoridated water is associated with lowered IQ in children and this was backed up in a recent pilot study published in the journal of Neurotoxicology and Teratology which identified fluoride as a neurotoxin and IQ reducer. Other research has also linked fluoride ingestion adverse health effects.

Forcing the public, including our children, to consume fluoridated water as a medical treatment infringes on our right to informed consent.

We, the citizens of Terrace asking the Terrace City Council to remove fluoride from our water.