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Stop Purchasing Eggs from Cruel Battery Cage Farms

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A few years ago, my husband and I had an amazing vacation experience when Carnival Cruise Lines took us from Tampa to Grand Cayman.  Since then our family has grown to include two little ones, and I have been so excited to take them on my next cruise -- until now. After learning about where Carnival sources the food for its patrons, I’m going to be supporting a different cruise line.

I learned that right now on any Carnival Cruise, you can expect to be fed eggs that came from abused hens in disgusting conditions. The farms Carnival Cruise sources its eggs from are those where hens are forced to suffer in cages for the entirety of their short lives. They can hardly move; they can’t even spread a wing, and they are often forced to stand on their dead cagemates.

These farms also  have significantly higher rates of Salmonella contamination than cage-free facilities. I’d never put my children’s health at risk by feeding them these eggs.

It’s nearly 2016. How is it that McDonald’s has committed to sourcing from better farms than a luxurious cruise line? Nearly every major fast food chain, food manufacturer, and food service provider have committed to moving away from cage farms. Even Royal Caribbean, one of Carnival’s major competitors, is moving away from cage farms.

Please sign my petition and urge Carnival Cruise Lines to get with the times and stop sourcing eggs from cage farms. Thank you!


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