Captivity is no carnival for dolphins!

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Dolphin Freedom Now urges Carnival Cruise Line to establish a plan to phase out all excursions to facilities with captive dolphins. The captive entertainment industry is built on the slavery and suffering of animals who are meant to live in the wild.  Dolphins are highly intelligent, sentient beings. In the wild, they live in intergenerational families or “pods” with complex social structures. These pods travel up to 100 miles a day, catching fish, surf riding, and exploring the depths of the vast and beautiful seas. Wild dolphins don’t volunteer to work at dolphinariums. They are hunted, netted and kidnapped from their families. Some are taken in barbaric drive hunts as shown in the 2010 Academy Award-winning documentary, The Cove

While Carnival may not have direct business dealings with Taiji, by supporting the worldwide captive entertainment industry, you are helping to keep the killing cove open for business. At present, Carnival offers excursions to at least 21 different captive dolphin facilities, one of which, Dolphin Adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, has imported at least 7 drive hunt dolphins from Japan, according to the online inventory of captive cetaceans, Ceta Base.

Please take immediate steps to phase out all captive dolphin encounters listed as excursions on your website and to help bring an end to dolphin slavery.


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