Stop Carnival Cinemas From showing Unplanned a anti choice movie full of lies

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Carnival Cinemas has made the poor decision to show unplanned a anti abortion movie full of lies and fictional tales. Who shows a movie that talks about taking women’s rights. Every Woman deserves the right to choose. This is disgusting behaviour and sometimes people need to think before making decisions. If we get this to enough signatures we can stop carnival for showing this movie. People that are anti choice just don’t get it. If you don’t want to get an abortion. Then don’t get one. Anti Choice people need to understand basic human rights and are ingorant to real human rights issues. Please sign my petition and boycott carnival today. We deserve to have our voice heard and our voice be accounted for but instead they want to shrug us off as nothing because we can’t support the movie they are showing. We have the right to our own opinion and this movie is misleading full of lies and misinformation. They are being ingorant. People deserve the right to choose what they want to do to their body not other people. Trans people and non-binary people and woman all deserve the right to an abortion. They don’t deserve it being taken from them. They all deserve the right to choose. Now support us in stopping the showing of unplanned. Every person is entitled to choose what they want to do to their bodies. That is why you should  Email or call 403-341-6565 to stop them