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Carnegie Mellon University President and Vice-President of Campus Affairs: Do Not Cave In to Pressure from the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh

The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution clearly intended for religion to not influence politics, and for politics and religion to not impede free speech. The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Catholic community are trying to strong-arm Carnegie Mellon University into censoring the free speech of a student who was exercising her rights under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, and in accordance with the University's Policy on Freedom of Expression, just because it was critical of the Catholic Church. No church can or should be allowed to stifle the political speech of any individual or group in the United States just because that church has a strong influence in the community.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President, Jared L. Cohon
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • Vice President for Campus Affairs, Michael Murphy
    Carnegie Mellon University

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