YouTube Permits Bullying, Stalking & Harassment

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YouTube is providing a platform for hate groups to target certain individuals and broadcast hate speech, stalk, slander, defame, harass, violate their Community Guidelines and otherwise target certain individuals without repercussions. 

For example, a suspected transgender bully who goes by the YouTube username "Tallandlightify" is admitted to opposing me, yet this suspected disturbed cyberbully has consistently watched my videos for YEARS (even after I blocked him from my YouTube channel), has posted a hateful video about me on its channel that has provided a platform for hate speech targeting me under that video and used my personal picture (that it screenshot from my Copyrighted YouTube video without my permission) and used my picture as the thumbnail of its video to further harass me.  YouTube has no problem and continues to allow this, even after myself and many of my supporters have flagged this video, but YouTube took immediate action to remove my video - which was in response to its video about me - and imposed other penalties that has impacted my business as a Blogger.

For years, YouTube has allowed trolls to infiltrate and roam freely all over their site like roaches, clearly violating their Community Guidelines, and creating multiple fake usernames and pages to continue harassing content creators and subscribers even after they've been blocked multiple times.  Using YouTube's Help Center and other reporting features does absolutely no good and the trolls use this to their advantage.  

Certain content creators are allowed to use Copyrighted material while certain other content creators are immediately flagged, even when Copyright isn't being violated.  Certain content creator's videos are demonetized at the discretion of YouTube and listed as "not advertiser friendly", yet there are thousands of monetized videos that are clearly not "advertiser friendly" and YouTube never imposes any actions against those.  This is an ongoing unfair practice that is targeting certain individuals to, in my opinion, suppress the voices and influences of certain people while allowing an uncensored platform for certain other people.  This needs to stop!