Ask Superintendent Ayala and Governor Pritzker to End Prone Restraints in Illinois Schools

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One School Continues to Stall Anti-Restraint Legislation

Update: Thank you for your support of the ban of prone-restraint in Illinois public schools. We are nearing 500 signatures on the petition. The vote for HB 0219, which would ban prone restraint in IL schools, has been rescheduled for this Wednesday, March 17th. Several schools, which serve a number of autistic students, have opposed the ban of prone-restraint. They have pushed back over the past year repeatedly delaying the vote on the bill, which was introduced by neurodivergent Illinois State Representative Jonathan Carroll. During the March 3rd hearing, 85% of the opposition to the bill identified themselves with Marklund Day School. Representatives brought up concerns about the lack of prone-restraint being used in some instances where the parents view it as the only way to manage their child. A request was made for Jonathan Carroll to add an amendment to the bill allowing prone-restraint for a small percentage of students. Please consider sharing this petition again to obtain more signatures in support of the ban of prone-restraint in Illinois public schools. You can find more details in this recent article: Here is a rebuttal to an opinion letter from the director of educations services at Marklund Day School:

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