Parents Want CUSD Students in School Full-Time in August 2020

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Recognizing that the most recent CUSD survey did not give parents the option of an in-person, full-time return to school;

Further recognizing that the most effective way to educate our children is at-school learning from teachers;

Realizing that many parents confirmed that their children will not learn at home, due to parents needing to work, lack of reliable internet access, multiple siblings or the child’s disposition;

Considering that local private schools will be opening full-time in August 2020;

We, parents of CUSD students, prefer that our schools open for full-time, in-person instruction, following all rules laid out by the State of California this August. We understand this means some classes may be held outside, as many local private schools plan to do.

We also request that CUSD use its abundant resources, or dip into reserves, if necessary, to hire more teachers and set up facilities such as tents, etc. to facilitate teaching under the CA State guidelines.