Resch's Draught 375ml Cans

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To whom it may concern,

My name is Cal Doust, and I believe I speak on behalf of at least 1700 other people when I say there should be another run, possibly permanent return of Resch's Draught 375ml cans. 

In the past few years social media has come a long way, and people connecting with similar interests that may never cross paths, is at an all time high. Enter the Resch's Appreciation Society Currently a Facebook group of ~1700 strong, loyal fans of your real beer.

In the past few months we have started having meetings at the rare hotels in our local areas serving mother’s milk. With every meeting our attendance rises, making amazing new friends sharing insights into life we may not have had otherwise experienced. We wear our Resch's Appreciation Society shirts with pride, knowing a new friend from a distance with just a glance.

In the New Year we have a walking tour of CBD Sydney venues serving the nectar of the gods planned for members. We're expecting a great turnout and an amazing day out in our capital, enjoying the finest beverage available in this great land of ours.

Our last meeting, which I sadly missed, made the local paper, with a full page reminiscing the days when beer tasted like beer, not mango, passionfruit or chilli, and men could wear sleeveless button up shirts over stubbies without being the minority. Reaching the Newcastle Hunter area and many more online, this has been great for the development and promotion of our group encouraging more members to join and get involved. As a result we had over 100 member requests in less than 24 hours!

The organiser of our monthly meetings has been contacted by a number of publicans who serve Resch’s, asking that we may consider their establishments for future get togethers.

Everything is going great it may seem. But, and I hate to use that word, yet here we are, we have all agreed on one problem; We cannot find our Ambrosia (drink for the Gods) on the shelves to enjoy at home. We currently struggle with an online company to have unfilled orders of crushed cartons of your classic pilsner delivered all over the country, when all we want is to be able to walk into our Uncle Dan's place, pick up a couple ice cold boxes of the finest tins to grace generations before us, and share them with friends and family. Some may remember when it was possible on a daily basis, the rest were lucky to get a sniff a few years ago when you teased us with a limited release. With love in my heart, and a schooner of liquid gold in my hand I ask you hear our wishes. Grant us the greatest gift this Christmas. Please find attached a photo from our meet up at The Commonwealth Hotel in Newcastle, attended by many locals, visitors from near and far plus our local CUB Business Development Manager Troy Bailey who should be commended on his efforts to help us.

Yours faithfully,

Cal Doust.