To be able to wear studs in piercings at school

To be able to wear studs in piercings at school

4 May 2021
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carlton le willows academy
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Why this petition matters

Started by Frances Hoffman

Throughout my time at Carlton Le Willows, within this school the education of both some of my friends and myself has been disturbed a fair bit, due to wearing studs within our own piercings.

And now i believe is the time for change. Due to a progressing planet and changes in world dynamic, we believe that constantly enforcing this rule is wasting not only our time as students, but also the staff, who could be helping those who need help and doing the job they do so well rather than reprimanding pupils for such a trivial reason.

For me to be told if I do not remove my studs in piercings, which are not healed, that i will be not allowed to take part in physical education and receive a C4 detention,  is  an unnecessary distraction from my actual schooling, when trying to achieve the best grades I am truly aiming for.

Unfortunately for me, this disturbance makes it more challenging for me to do so, as I feel unsettled, and fail to understand a sensible explanation for the rule.

I completely understand the fact that earrings can be dangerous, especially if they are hoops and or other jewellery which hang loose and can be caught easily, especially during physical education. So therefore i believe that studs only should be allowed,  and when taking part in PE that either those piercings which are healed should be removed or tape placed over the stud to stop this danger. ( As we did at junior school).

In doing so stopping the inconvenience and missing parts of an education I value dearly. It is time for change and time to trust us young adults with wearing studs and studs only in piercings. 

Please sign this petition if you believe this change would bring an end to an unnecessary rule.

Frances Hoffman 

Year 10

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Signatures: 75Next Goal: 100
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