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First and foremost Carlos Patrick Sr. Is incarcerated for a crime that he committed almost 16 years ago he takes responsibility for his part in what he calls an accident but nevertheless he take responsibility for it I along with other family members feel that his time served has been a big rehabilitation in his life he has learned a lot in this time that he have served but  also come to realize that he is a great teacher as well he's taken part in social activities that I do believe he's excelled in and with the help of mentors he found himself mentoring to and with others his accomplishments very from small 2 average and Beyond with certificates to show completion these were programs that he volunteered to enter and completed them effortlessly I need a show of support from all family and friends of Carlos Patrick Sr. To sign and show support for him in his time of need he has children that has grown up without him that he love and miss very much and grandchildren that he has physically never laid eyes on but love them just the same he reaches out to family as best he can considering his Financial State a quote from Carlos is if I was ever put in a situation where I can show and prove myself, I could do so and be proud about it so I said all that to say this please show your support by signing  once again this petition is for a Time reduction/ early parole/ release  i believe Carlos Patrick Sr.will be an asset in any community  he lives in



Sincerely a concerned friend