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Petitioning Mayor of Miami Carlos Gimenez and 3 others

Change the horrible conditions at the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter

CHANGES need to be made at this facility! Too many innocent animals are living in unsanitary conditions, being put to death for NO reason, acquiring infectious diseases while at the shelter, being subjected to unnecessary & botched surgeries, much more! Please help these poor VOICELESS animals!

Letter to
Mayor of Miami Carlos Gimenez
Head of Enforcement Kathy Labrada
Director of Shelter Alex Munoz
and 1 other
Alex Munoz's boss Jose "Pepe" Diaz
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Carlos Gimenez, Alex Munoz, Kathy Labrada, Jose "Pepe" Diaz.

Change the horrible conditions at the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter

We, the people, have had enough!!!! We will not stop until changes are made at this facility. The conditions at this shelter are horrific. Horrible sanitation conditions, many of the kennels are loaded with feces for a long period of time, dogs are smeared with their own vomit & feces. Some animals go into your facility perfectly healthy and either die in there or leave with Parvo, URI or Distemper! How many outbreaks have you had???????? Unacceptable!!! Many dogs are being labeled as either vicious/bait dogs, injured, infected or just unsociable. Maybe these animals are labeled this, because of how your employees treat them. These dogs have no chance of adoption when given these labels. Other dogs are euthanized even when they have already had a "hold" placed on them. People go to pick up the dogs that are on "hold" and they say sorry they were already euthanized. What??? Absolutely uncalled for. Also, dogs just seem to "disappear" or supposedly run away. Really, runaway from a shelter? What really happened to these poor innocent dogs, just given the needle without anyone knowing it. It's quite obvious that the Staff & the Director just don't care. There is no cooperation from anyone when calling to inquire about a dog, people there are nasty, hang up on you and give you false information. Many times dogs have the wrong ID numbers on them, are called Labs when they are clearly Boxers. Many, and I mean many people have witnessed the horror in this place. Just visit our facebook page, see the testimonials and pictures for yourself.

All we want is JUSTICE and CHANGES for the animals who have lost their lives here and for the ones who have yet to meet their fate entering this facility.

We will NOT give up until something is done!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!


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